Fidelity Care Homes Inc


Fidelity Adult Care Homes are here to provide you with a beautiful home to care for your loved one with the utmost attention and concern. You will have peace-of mind and assurance that we provide compassion, superior service, quality care and a genuine love of what we do.

Fidelity Care Homes Inc. is owned by Roger and Liz Rascon-Raymond, RN, with the vision of creating an Assisted Living home that treats every resident with dignity and first-rate loving care. Our Care Givers at Fidelity Care Homes are highly-trained and exceptionally friendly. We understand that for many, settling into a care home after years of independence can be a stressful experience. Our comfortable surroundings and compassionate professional Care Givers will ease your fears.

Here are some pictures of our home.

NormanDel Home

Boreal Home


Fidelity Care Home Inc.     Fidelity Care CORNER Inc.       Normandel Place Llc.
8131 N. Boreal Drive             7548 N. Casablanca Drive          7572 N. Casablanca Drive
 Tucson, Arizona 85704           Tucson, Arizona 85704              Tucson, Arizona 85704
 Phone (520) 991-7010           Phone (520) 991-7010               Phone (520) 991-7010
 Fax (520) 572-3868               Fax (520) 572-3868                  Fax (520) 797-1889


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