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Fidelity Adult Care Homes in Tucson, Arizona. Committed to providing our residents with an exceptional level of care and attention. At Fidelity Care Homes Inc., we are proud to be nurse owned and operated. Our dedicated and caring staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding Certified Caregivers take pride in paying close attention to each resident's needs.

Fidelity Adult Care Homes rest on the north west side of pleasant Tucson Arizona,with the Boreal home located on the north east neighborhood of Magee and LaCholla, and the two Casablanca homes are located on the  north east side neighborhood of Ina and LaCholla, all 3 homes are located within two miles of each other; conveniently located just minutes away from NorthWest Medical Center and the Foot Hills Mall. Fidelity Care Homes are assisted living care homes for the elderly. If your loved one is in need of elder care an assisted living care home is a great alternative to the big nursing Facilities.

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8131 N. Boreal Drive             7548 N. Casablanca Drive          7572 N. Casablanca Drive
 Tucson, Arizona 85704          Tucson, Arizona 85704               Tucson, Arizona 85704
 Phone (520) 991-7010          Phone (520) 991-7010               Phone (520) 991-7010
 Fax (520) 572-3868              Fax (520) 572-3868                   Fax (520) 797-1889


Beautifull desert landscape on 1 acre.
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